Our Belief and Pledge 


The Belief

1. I believe in One God Who is Love.

2. I accept the leadership of Jesus Christ.

3. I believe that God manifests through the illimitable power of the Holy Spirit.

4. I believe in the survival of the human soul and its individuality after physical death.

5. I believe in the communion with God, with his angelic ministers, and with souls functioning in conditions other than the earth life.

6. I believe that all forms of life created by God intermingle, are interdependent and evolve until perfection is attained.

7. I believe in the perfect justice of the Divine Laws governing all life.

8. I believe that sins committed can only he rectified by the sinner himself or herself, through the redemptive power of Jesus Christ, by repentance and service to others.

The Pledge

I will at all times endeavour to be guided in my thoughts, words and deeds by the teaching and example of Jesus Christ